• This catalogue was updated on 5/5/21.  The class Theological Exegesis on Pandemics had the class time listed incorrectly.  The correct time for the class is 9am-12pm. 
  • Two formation (professinal development) oportunities have been finalized since the publication of the catalogue.  The flyers for the class and retreat are below. 
  • On 5/18/21 new guidelines for mask wearing and other COVID-restrictions were established. These are the guidleines we will follow for our Summer classes and not those that were previously published in the catalogue. See updated guidelines below.

cover-summer-2021Click to view catalogue.

(Coursework may be taken through the Archdiocese of Louisville Ministry Institute (ALMI), media options, online courses, or other pre-approved offerings.  No more than 5 hours may be taken either online or as a media option for the completion of the Associate Level.   For the total required coursework no more than 20 percent (40 hours)  may be completed on an individual basis; the remaining requirements must be fulfilled through live, gathered offerings and interactive online options.) This restriction has been lfited due to COVID-19.

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