Loyola Program

The “Loyola Program” is a renowned and groundbreaking, advanced-level ministry studies model that leads participants to a Master’s degree — or graduate-level Certificate — in theology and ministry.

The actual, full name of this program is the Loyola Institute for Ministry Extension Program (LIMEX). It is offered by the Archdiocese of Louisville in collaboration with Loyola University New Orleans.

The Loyola Program is coordinated throughout the Archdiocese by the Office Faith Formation.

Basic and helpful information can be found on:

Be sure to check out the video “Graduate Education in Your Location,” and other weblinks such as Admissions, Programs of Study, and Overview while you are online.

For more information, please contact Art Turner, — at artturner@archlou.org or (502) 636-0296 Ext. 1266.

Don’t delay your inquiry! Recruitment of new students, and university admissions for the Loyola Program, occur year-round.

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