Fatih Formation Celebration 2014

Arcbishop with bat2 Arch. Kurtz pose with bat2 Arch. Kurtz & Art  Arch. Kurtz speaking with batRoncalli Recipients (Barbara & Andy Hall)photo (7)Debbie Minton & others at tableArch. Kurts with bat and Discipleship  at tables

Many people were recognized for their achievements in Catechetical Ministry, Initiation Team Training, Specialization in Discipleship, Certificates in Youth Ministry, national Certificate in Youth Ministry, Catechist magazine honors and the Roncalli Award during last night’s celebration. Congratulations to all the award recipients.
This year the Discipleship group gave a special award to Archbishop Kurtz as a thank you for his support of lay ministries and their ongoing formation.
Our Archdiocese is blessed to have so many lay ministers who are dedicated to faith formation in their parishes and communities.

Thank you, to all of you!

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