Seven Ways to Evangelize Those We Love During Christmas

During the Christmas season, many of us will gather with family members who have stopped practicing the faith. We might feel powerless and wonder what we can do to light a spark within the one who has checked out. “What does God want me to do?” Sometimes our previous attempts have fallen on deaf ears.

Old methods no longer work. We cajole; we appeal to their sense of right and wrong; we proselytize; we recite teaching and doctrines. The sad irony is that if such doctrines and teaching meant anything to them they would not have left in the first place.

“Who am I to judge?”
Pope Francis has set the tone for how we must approach and evangelize such folks. The first step is to leave our judgments at the door. A theologian once said it is God’s job to save them—not ours. God loves our non-practicing relatives as much as we do, and it is God’s job to touch their hearts.

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Seven ways to evangelize those we love during Christmas

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