LIMEX Info Sessions Now!

 Have you seen this car in your church parking lot?


If yes, there was probably a Loyola Extension Program (LIMEX) information session going on nearby. Come on. Learn about this exciting, advanced ministry studies model.

Loyola Program Here

           Loyola Info Sessions for Inquirers — Fall 2015

            (Attend only one, no charge, no need to pre-register)

             10/26 – Monday              St. Agnes, Aloysius Hall, 7-8 PM       

             11/18 — Wednesday        St. Peter the Apostle, Conference Room, 7-8 PM                

             11/23 – Monday               St. Albert, R00m A/Sacred Heart, 7-8 PM

             11/24 – Tuesday              Pax Christi Community/OMOS, Cafeteria, 7-8 PM

              12/10 – Thursday            St. James, Rectory Room, 7-8 PM               

              Midday Inquiry Sessions

              Cathedral of the Assumption, 433 South Fifth Street, from 11:30-12:30 each day

               10/22 – Thursday             New Formation Room in Parish Office Bldg.                     

               11/11 – Wednesday           New Formation Room in Parish Office Bldg.             


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