A Shift Toward Household-Centered Catechesis?

family prayingThe very insightful writer, Bill Huebsch, recently drafted a good, little post for the NCCL Evangelization Blog. He titled it “The Shift to a (More) Household-Centered Catechesis?”

Among his key points, Huebsch says, “We tend toward a parish-centered approach, one in which we tend to see the church and the parish as one and the same. But in fact, the church is the people of God living their everyday, ordinary lives. It’s precisely in this ‘everydayness”\’ that the invitation and welcome to faith must be given.

“This means we must develop household-centered catechesis,” he added. “And this will require us to change.”

Take a few moments to read this worthwhile, short article. It can be found on here.

Butch Ekstrom — Nov. 17, 2015


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