Want millennials back in your pews? Stop trying to make church ‘cool’

Mills in Pews

By Rachel Held Evans                                                                                       April 30, 2015

Ms. Evans is a blogger and the author of the book Searching for Sunday: Loving, Leaving, and Finding the Church.

“. . . Many churches have sought to lure millennials back by focusing on style points: cool bands, hip worship, edgy programming, impressive technology. Yet while these aren’t inherently bad ideas and might in some cases be effective, they are not the key to drawing millennials back to God. Young people don’t simply want a better show. And trying to be cool might be making things worse.”

In this very good article, from the Washington Post, a young adult author explains why people in her generational group (millennials, Generation Y) often get turned off by church congregations that try to be too cool, too trendy in worship, overly hip and edgy in technology and music. And there are others who recoil in Christian communities that come across as too ‘judgmental’ and ‘hypocritical.’

Evans notes that her peers are less likely to abandon ship and walk away when they find a church community that is truly inclusive; displays honesty and authenticity in communication among congregants; offers meaningful sacraments and prayer experiences; and helps young adults feel less lonely.

Want to know more? Read on. It’s good.



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