Mercy: key to credibility

The issue of The Record dated January 14, 2016 (page 3) contains a large feature on The Name of God is Mercy, which is Pope Francis’s brand new book. Written by  Cindy Wooten for the Catholic News Service, the piece in The Record is datelined Vatican City.

Francis Mery Book (1-'16)

The key theme in the book from the Pope is to reach out to stranded, suffering people and help them toward salvation. ‘Take risks to overcome rigidity and prejudice,’ Francis says. ‘Do like Jesus did in order to heal and serve. Build your spiritual credibility in the process.’

The Name of God is Mercy appeared on January 12. Information about the new book was placed, as a scoop, on this Archdiocesan blog — Formed in Faith — just a few days ago (see below).


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