How to Obey Like an Adult


Who remembers being a kid and thinking, “Man, I can’t wait to grow up! Then no one will tell me what to do!”? I remember; and I also remember that awful day when I realized that I was grown up, and that I now had to tell myself what to do. Not only did I have to pick up my dirty clothes, I had to be the heavy that insisted that dirty clothes get picked up. Wah!

As I was reviewing the obligations of adult Catholics during Lent (here’s a nice clear infographic), I felt a sense of gratitude to Mother Church. During Lent, and really any time the Church gives us clear guidelines for how we are to behave, it’s an act of mercy: She gives us a chance to put the responsibility on someone else, and just relax and be obedient children again. I don’t have to figure out if I’m personally being called to pray, fast, and give alms. Just do it, because your mother told you to!

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