The Stories We Tell

Handing down our Christmas tradition

In our increasingly secular country, the biggest holiday of the year is still Christmas, the Nativity of Christ, which, if you think about it, is pretty wonderful. And yet, the contemporary experience of Christmas often leaves much to be desired. In its current iteration, it is too often primarily about spending money (we often don’t have), on things (we often don’t need), and then struggling to pay off our debts after the holiday is over. This version of the celebration often has very little to do with the Incarnation: God’s radical choice to become human and dwell among us.

And yet, the story of Christ’s birth, to fleeing parents in a humble stable, still has the ability to capture our imaginations and challenge our hearts. And so, despite all the stressing and spending this time of year, Christmas can still be a blessed reminder of the simplest and most profound things in life, and the loving God who came to save them.

Reading beautiful Christmas books with children helps bring them deeper into the life of God, and allows us to pass on our story, from one generation to the next.

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