Fatima 2017- 100 years

The Heart of the Message of Fatima
by Virginia M. Kimball

Pray, fast, confess, receive the Eucharist, and be devoted to the Immaculate Heart

​One hundred years ago, in 1917, three years into World War I, the world was in chaos. Christianity was being attacked from all sides by atheists and secular anti-church movements. The month was May, and Pope Benedict XV, moved by profound worry, sent out a petition to all Catholic bishops, asking for a litany of prayer to the Virgin Mary, whom he deemed “the Queen of Peace.” Only eight days later, on May 13, remarkable apparitions of Our Lady began in a remote area of Portugal. Mary, the mother of Christ, came to three shepherd children. Their lives were simple but filled with hope and unbreakable faith. They would be forever changed by Mary’s message.

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