All Are Welcome Here – Practicing Christ’s Call to Hospitality

Author: AGNES KOVACS is the Director of Continuing Formation at Saint Meinrad Seminary and School of Theology and has a certificate in Pastoral Care with a specialty in reflective practices.

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“Hospitality matters because it is necessary for fulfilling the evangelization mission of the Church. In other words, without hospitality, there is no Church. May this booklet affirm what is already happening, pose some challenges for expanding our common understanding of hospitality, and be a source of encouragement to seek and find the face of Christ in all whom we encounter.”-from the Introduction

Although the ways parishes provide hospitality might be different right now, the spirit of welcome and helpfulness will never change. This inspiring booklet for parish leaders and volunteers is filled with inspiration about the nature of hospitality, and ways we might rethink our own comfort and convenience for the sake of others. “Hospitality in community is contextual,” says Agnes Kovacs. “While it conveys universal values, it does so in a particular place and time.” And while hospitality in community may seem more complicated than ever, she assures us that “all God asks of us is to begin.” A wonderful booklet for thought and reflection as pastors and parish leaders have conversations about hospitality and welcome—now and in the months ahead.


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