The Angelus – for the simple, the faraway, and me

The Angelus by Katherine Bogner
(Look to Him and Be Radiant on Etsy)


I don’t remember how I first heard of the Angelus.

I do remember that praying it was an act of desperation.

Things were always worst just around noon. Alone at home with twin infants in highchairs both sobbing to be held, I staggered around the kitchen trying to prepare lunch, my three-year-old clinging to my ankles and crying that he was too hungry to eat. With every passing second, the window of time to feed everyone and get them into their beds for their naps was narrowing. Failing to get the three children napping before this critical window of time elapsed meant I would have no quiet moment to myself, no chance to collect my strength to make it through the rest of the day and evening until bedtime.

Maybe this sounds overly dramatic, but this was every day, and it felt dire.


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The Angelus – for the simple, the faraway, and me

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