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Family Matters: Equipping Parents to Share the Faith

Mark Hart, CIO of Life TeenMarch 30th 3:00 PM

he Catechism of the Catholic Chur The Catechism of the Catholic Church says that parents are supposed to be the primary catechists and educators of their children (2223), but childbirth does not a catechist make. How do parents become the primary educators—especially in matters of faith—in a post-Christian culture? How do parishes ensure that they are equipping and empowering parents to walk their children into a lifelong relationship with Christ and his Church? What are some resources and tips parents can use when leading their own families more deeply into the faith? Join Life Teen’s Mark Hart as he shares a few of the things he’s learned through parenthood and more than twenty-six years of youth ministry experience.SIGN UP

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Partnering with Parents

Kathie Amidei, Sr. Kieran SawyerApril 6th 3:00 PM

Recent studies affirm that parents, families, and intergenerational communities are central in forming the faith and moral values of children and youth. Kathie Amidei and Sr. Kieran Sawyer, two seasoned catechetical leaders, will discuss how to foster vibrant families of faith by promoting partnerships between the parents and the parish.SIGN UP

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