Congratulations to two Parish Catechetical Leaders who retired this year.

Jack Clark

My entire ministry in religious education has been at the former St. Pius X and the current St. John Paul II Parish from which I am retiring. I have been involved in the parish religious education program since 2003 starting as an 8th grade catechist and taking over as the parish coordinator of religious education in 2007.I am a hapless volunteer and, in 2003 when an article appeared in the St. Pius X bulletin stating the need for catechists, I heeded the call and jumped in. I really enjoyed preparing students for Confirmation. 8th graders can ask questions regarding church teachings that can really keep you on your toes. Later on as coordinator I really enjoyed relationships with our catechists and students alike.I would tell anyone considering the calling of catechist to go for it. You really get so much more out of this ministry than you put into it.I will miss the kids on Sundays during the school year. However, our pastor Fr. Peter has appointed a very enthusiastic person to replace me, Mr. Chris Finzer who, I am sure, will carry on splendidly.

Kathy Shannon

I began with the Archdiocese as a Catholic School teacher in 1982 at St. Francis of Assisi parish in Loretto, KY. The school is closed now. Later I taught at St. Catherine Elementary, New Haven, KY and then I moved to St. Augustine Catholic School in 1992. I taught for five years there and began in ministry in 1997 for St. Augustine parish, Lebanon. In 2004 St. Augustine was clustered with Holy Name of Mary Parish, Calvary, KY. I have been Pastoral Associate for both parishes since 2004. I have been at St. Augustine for a total of 29 years and I will be retiring on June 30 from both parishes. I have been in Paid ministry for 24 years. But during my 15 teaching years in a Catholic School, I volunteered teaching Religion at night to public school children for several years, worked as a Youth Leader volunteer at another parish and helped start and Adult Education team for St. Augustine.I have always loved my Catholic Faith and I loved teaching about it. I have felt the call to serve even as a teenager when I became a Lector. I was asked by Archbishop Thompson (Fr. Chuck then) to be a full time minister for St. Augustine in 1997. I was already volunteering in several ministries so I prayed about it and said Yes.The Easter Vigil is a special time for Initiation Sacraments in the Church and it holds one of my favorite memories when my daughter-in-law was baptized and became Catholic.Pray well. Those are the best words of wisdom that I can give. Everything you do is for the glory of God. Pray well before every meeting, every encounter and every day. Give thanks and praise to God at the end of your day for that day’s struggles and joys. Pray well. Remember that God???s gift to you is the gift of your life. What you do with your life is gift back to God. Pray well.

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