Move to a Year-Round RCIA:
A Step-By-Step Process

  If you’ve wondered how to shift your community from a September to May program to one that is always ready to welcome seekers and form disciples any time of the year—without adding more sessions to your schedule!—then this Video Marathon will get you started. We’ll walk you step-by-step through the process.
In this free video training series, you’ll learn five steps to move your parish to an ongoing initiation process
Step 1: Identify the Urgent Need for Year-Round RCIA
Step 2: Create Your Dream Team to Implement Year-Round RCIA
Step 3: Develop a Strategy for Year-Round RCIA
Step 4: Communicate Your Vision for Year-Round RCIA
Step 5: Smash the Barriers to Your Year-Round RCIA

How the Video Marathon works
On Monday, July 11, go to to view the first video.

Return the next day to view the second video.The videos will be short—about 15 minutes each.Don’t wait, because the videos will only be available for five days.Tell your team members and colleagues so they don’t miss it.
Click here to sign up for the marathon!
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