Retreat on National Standards from NALM

Retreat on Standard 1: The Human Dimension

Why should I attend?

This 3-hour retreat will offer you the following:
* Deep reflection on Standard 1: The Human Dimension
* Ways you can use the standards for your own personal growth as a lay minister.
* Tools you can bring back to your place of ministry to offer retreats for those in your ministry.
* A prayerful exploration of your ministerial vocation.
* A chance to relax, recharge, and retreat.

The cost of the retreat includes the following:

1. The retreat experience itself.

2. The Facilitator guide in electronic format.

3. The Participant guide in electronic format.

Similar retreats on standards 2-4 will be offered in the future. Click here for the 2018 National Certification Standards.

Tuesday, March 14 @ 1:30-4:30 PM EST

Non-Member / Basic: $50
Standard / Sustaining: $40

Click here to register.

Meet the Retreat Facilitators
Fr. Joe Merkt has dedicated his priestly life to supporting and promoting lay ministry. He has been a NALM member for almost thirty-five years, and has served on a number of NALM’s committees and also on its Board of Directors. He has given presentations, directed workshops, and guided retreats for lay ministers in a number of dioceses. Fr. Joe helped develop the original common lay ministry standards. These continue to be updated and enriched by NALM in collaboration with a number of other national ministry associations. These Spirit filled standards, fully endorsed by the US Bishop’s Office for Certification of Lay Ecclesial Ministry, provide the inspiration for this retreat.
Pattie Batchman, recently retired former Director of the Lay Ecclesial Ministry Office for the Diocese of Cleveland.  She has B.S. degrees in Biology and Computer Science, and a Master of Theology from St. Mary Seminary and Diocesan Certification. Previously, she has served as Pastoral Associate, Director of Religious Education, and Youth & Young Adult Ministry Leader. Pattie is passionate about offering education and formation for all who serve in our Church, for both volunteers and parish staff members, to equip and empower missionary disciples to serve God and others!

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