“So, what is your excuse?”

Nobody told me!


There was a commotion in the communion line. I couldn’t hear what the deacon was saying, but the woman who approached him was responding to him in a loud, conversational tone that rose above the reverent murmur in the church. “What are you talking about?” she called out. “Is this what you mean? This?”

Horror: she was waving around a consecrated Host like it was a business card or a cookie. I started to put the baby down, preparing to rush over and tackle this woman before she did something unthinkable.

Then I realized she was smiling, embarrassed. She gave the Host back to the deacon and said, just as loudly, “I didn’t know! Nobody told me!” And she walked away. As far as I can tell, she was just a newcomer who was at the church for social reasons, or out of curiosity. She had gotten in line because everyone else got in line, and she went up to get her cracker because everyone likes a freebie.  Nobody told her that she shouldn’t. God bless our deacon for realizing that something was amiss, and for protecting Our Lord.

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