Formed In Faith


Christ’s Body and Blood

Lent Day 44 – Christ’s Body and Blood by Fr. Robert Barron The central and still startling claim of the Catholic Church is that Jesus is really, truly, and substantially present under the forms of bread and wine. His presence…

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“So, what is your excuse?”

Nobody told me! by Simcha Fisher 03/31/2015  There was a commotion in the communion line. I couldn’t hear what the deacon was saying, but the woman who approached him was responding to him in a loud, conversational tone that rose…

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A Simple and Hearfelt Reflection on the Meaning of the Eucharist

“This Sunday at Mass my daughter asked me why there was a red light at the front of the church when all the other candles were white.  She was captivated by the glow of the sanctuary light.  I explained that…

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