WEBINAR: Implementing the New Directory for Catechesis in Parishes

Rethinking Parish Religious Education with the New Directory and Distance Learning
Presented by Deacon Matthew Halbach, PhD, and Andrea D. Chavez-Kopp
November 4th, 2020 6 p.m. EST

The new Directory for Catechesis comes when the whole world is in flux. Considering what’s happening in our world, many parish catechetical programs are going back to the drawing board with the challenge of delivering programs that serve children and families and engage their faith communities going forward.

In this webinar, Deacon Matt Halbach, PhD, Executive Director of Catechesis for William H. Sadlier, and Andrea D. Chavez-Kopp, Chief Learning Officer for The Procedo Project, help you think through what all this means as they discuss:

  • What is “new” about this new Directory?
  • What are we already doing right?
  • Where can we improve/grow in our approach to catechesis?
  • How do we apply what is new in our programs?
  • What role does technology play in evangelization and catechesis?
  • Tips for catechetical leaders and catechists who want to incorporate the wisdom of the NEW Directory into their 2020-2021 planning.

Fill out the form today to register for this free webinar. Even if you cannot attend live, register to receive the recording.

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