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Ave Maria Press Webinars

Family Matters: Equipping Parents to Share the Faith

Mark Hart, CIO of Life TeenMarch 30th 3:00 PM

he Catechism of the Catholic Chur The Catechism of the Catholic Church says that parents are supposed to be the primary catechists and educators of their children (2223), but childbirth does not a catechist make. How do parents become the primary educators—especially in matters of faith—in a post-Christian culture? How do parishes ensure that they are equipping and empowering parents to walk their children into a lifelong relationship with Christ and his Church? What are some resources and tips parents can use when leading their own families more deeply into the faith? Join Life Teen’s Mark Hart as he shares a few of the things he’s learned through parenthood and more than twenty-six years of youth ministry experience.SIGN UP

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Partnering with Parents

Kathie Amidei, Sr. Kieran SawyerApril 6th 3:00 PM

Recent studies affirm that parents, families, and intergenerational communities are central in forming the faith and moral values of children and youth. Kathie Amidei and Sr. Kieran Sawyer, two seasoned catechetical leaders, will discuss how to foster vibrant families of faith by promoting partnerships between the parents and the parish.SIGN UP

Upcoming ALMI classes in April

National Gathering on Christian Initiation

Join the 2021 National Gathering on Christian Initiation™ Summer Virtual Workshops™ —this year’s event will be virtual! This event will be offered in both English and Spanish.

Whether you’re a parish leader, initiation minister, or work in a diocesan office, the NGCI Summer Virtual Workshops™ will explore the theoretical and practical aspects of initiation ministry. Through the interactive Adobe Connect platform, participants will break open the vision of the RCIA as it is adapted for use with children of catechetical age, as well as have opportunities to gather for prayer, a virtual happy hour, and optional free pre-sessions.

Registration Costs

Group Rate available. For information click here.

Early Bird Registration, by Monday April 5$55 per person
Standard Registration, between Tuesday, April 6 and Sunday, July 25$65 per person
Late Registration$80 per perso

Click here for more information or to register:

Upcoming March Classes

Theological Exegesis on Pandemics, presented by Dr. Tom Malewitz, Theology Teacher at St. Xavier High School

Wednesday, March 3, 3:30-5:00 p.m.—online

Catechist Credit: 1.5 hours applies General Theology

This session will discuss how to respond to human catastrophe through faith.

Seven Principles of Catholic Social Teaching, presented by Fr. Goodwin, CJM, Parish Advocacy School Engagement Coordinator for Catholic Charites of Louisville

Monday, March 15, 3:30- 5:30p.m.- online

Catehist Credit: 2 hours applies toward Theology in the content area of Catholic Social Teaching

This session will take a brief look at the history of the Church’s social doctrine and look at the seven principles of Catholic Social teaching which are the foundation of the Catholic Church’s vision of social justice.

Faith Development, presented by Maureen Grisanti Larison, Consultant for Adult Formation and Initiation with the Archdiocese of Louisville

Thursday, March 18, 3:30-5:30 p.m.—online

Catechist Credit: 2.5 hours applies toward the Associate Level under Faith Development or toward the area of Catechetics.

This is a study of the developmental nature of faith and the diverse expressions of faith formed by tradition, culture, and life experience.

Classes are limited to 20 participants. One week prior to class date registered persons will be sent links to join the classes and any additional information (i.e. assignments to be completed before class). To register contact Lynn at to register. Cost: $10/class

Ash Wednesday through Art

The Office of Faith Formation is closed due to the predicted snow storm! 2/15/21

Upcoming ALMI Programs

Discover Your Story

Catechist credit is available to teachers and catechists of the Archdiocese of Louisville. Once you complete the sessions FRP will send verification of attendance to the archdiocesan Office of Faith Formation. You will need to complete an evaluation form and email it to

Jesus Christ as the Definitive King

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