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Faith Club Christmas Dinner and Dance

We had a great night celebrating with all our Faith Club members, leaders, volunteers, and guests. For more information about the Faith Club go to or contact Maureen at

Happy Thanksgiving!

The Office of Faith Formation will be closed Wednesday Nov. 24, 1:oo pm until Monday, Nov. 29, 8:30 am to observe the Thanksgiving Holiday.

Upcoming December Classes and Advent Retreat


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Catechists ‘echo’ the Good News, formation director says

Art Turner, director of the Office of Faith Formation for the Archdiocese of Louisville, says catechists have been called to “echo” the Good News of Jesus Christ through the centuries — each in their own time. (Record Photo by Marnie McAllister )

Noting that the word catechesis is rooted in a Greek word for echo, Art Turner explained that catechists are called to echo the initial proclamation of the Good News: Jesus Christ has risen from the dead!

“The idea of catechesis is to keep that initial proclamation alive in his or her time — to echo that through the centuries,” said Turner, the director of the Office of Faith Formation for the Archdiocese of Louisville. “Whether they’re teaching the sacraments or Scripture, church history, doctrine, the catechism, all of that goes back to the initial proclamation of the Good News.”

On Sept. 19, the Catholic Church all over the world celebrated Catechetical Sunday. Ordinarily, the archdiocese would have recognized and honored 53 catechists who earned certifications in the last year or so through the Archdiocese of Louisville Ministry Institute, but the pandemic prevented that this year.

A listing of men and women who have devoted themselves to catechetical study and earned certifications of advanced catechist or higher follows this story. (Click here to continue reading this article from The Record.)

Images of God, 10/2 Cancelled

Due to a family death we have cancelled the Images of God class on 10/2.

Our afternoon class, Daughters of God, will still occur.

Congratulations to all the honorees!

Upcoming October Classes

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